Your Internet Marketing Specialists
and Public Relations Experts.  Your Internet Marketing Specialists and Public Relations Experts

Goldstein Public Relations offers small to mid-sized companies, complete PR and business consulting services.  Some of the many things we offer are: email marketing campaigns, lead generating consultation services, internet marketing campaigns, advertising, website design and testing, trademark, IP and product branding,
 business development, marketing strategies, special project management, complete editorial services including announcements, show and event planning, event coverage (professional photography and videography), media blitz campaigns, press releases, story ideas, product launch campaigns, complete proofreading services (from menus to manuals), and publicity on every level. 

Our forte is getting potential customers, patients or clients to find your business on search engines, as well as improve your search engine ranking, by getting articles written about your company, business idea, or new product or service.

With over 25 years experience in PR, we know how to make the phones ring. 
Give us a call today and find out how we can get your business going and growing!

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Goldstein PR Services, Temecula, California

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